The Rime Hinterlands

Slow Beginnings

The party is still tied very closely to the pair of buildings within New Neverwinter. They have made a few discoveries that have begun to shape the landscape around them.

  • Most of the city is buried irrecoverably below them. Without magic or a labor force, it is not worthwhile to excavate out subterranean buildings. Below these building seem to be an intact sewer system that is draining away the river before it can continue onto the city and to the Sea of Swords.
  • A wounded forest drake was found less than half a day from the barracks and inn. Once dispatched, it wounds suggest that it ran into humanoids that defended themselves and are more than likely the cause of its state. Body parts were found in the beast’s stomach as well as in its offal.
  • A glass blower’s and alchemist’s shop was excavated just east of the Belfry. Several potions and concoctions were retrieved from its bowels. Much glassware and components still remain there to be harvest later. All magically active items had been retrieved.
Adventure Log
Sayings and Events in the Game

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