Rheonnyn Terracini

Owner of the Belfry Nevermore


Rheonnyn Terracini
(ree-Oh-nin • tehr-Rak-ee-nee)

Owner of the_ Belfry Nevermore_, Rheonnyn hails from a nearly straight Illuskan line. He is fair skinned and sports an uncharacteristic and unruly mane of flame colored hair, but originates the Terracini family’s ‘stormy eyes’. Constantly frustrated and contrite, Rheonnyn is working diligently to make the Belfry profitable. He has sunk what little money his family possessed in a dream to keep him home instead of eking out a survival by sell-swording, hunting or the ‘winds-be-damned’ farming.

At six foot and thick armed, there is no need for Rheonnyn to employ a bouncer. When not serving food or drink to his daughter’s hands to be delivered, the cross Northman is inventorying his stock or polishing the heavily varnished bar. While not carrying a perpetual scowl, his curt answers and sour demeanor are offset by fast service, but it’s still difficult to tell if the dour man actually enjoys the choice he made.


Rheonnyn Terracini

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