General Sabine

General of The Remnant (Merc Company)


Sabine small
A tall, dark skinned woman, Sabine is the leader of Neverember’s mercenary forces. She carries herself with the self assured grace of someone who is totally in command of everything around her but her harsh outlook on matters of the law and justice have earned her few friends.


The Open Lord of Waterdeep is not foolish enough to install a force of soldiers from his home city. Such an act would make his efforts seem like an occupation and would fuel insurgency.

Instead, to avoid the appearance of imperialism, the protector relies on soldiers from the distant island of Mintarn, most of whom are sellswords and former pirates. They operate under a tough-as-nails mercenary General Sabine. She serves as Neverember’s chief enforcer in the city and has come to represent the harsher aspects of his beneficence.

General Sabine

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