Dagult Neverember

Open Lord of Waterdeep


Open lord
“I am more than pleased to offer my services and gold to
rebuilding this fine center of culture and trade. Through
our combined efforts, Neverwinter will be reborn as a bastion
of good in the Sword Coast North!” ~ Dagult Neverember ,Open Lord of Waterdeep.

The players have yet to meet Lord Neverember. They know not his manner or appearance, nor rumor of his goals and aims in New Neverwinter.


Dagult has begun sending food, supplies and soldiers to Neverwinter in support of rebuilding the City of Skilled Hands. While not taking a passive role, Neverember has not taken a position of power either. Instead, Dagult works towards installing a mayor and police force to aid in thwarting the dangers that continually assault the refugees that seek to rebuild their town.

Dagult Neverember

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