New Beginnings

“Neverwinter and other cities north of Waterdeep fared poorly in the years following the Spellplague, and by the Year of the Ageless One both Neverwinter and Luskan were in utter ruins.”

This will be the start of a new campaign for the 2012-2013 years. It is my hope that all included in this endeavor will help me collectively build a series of phantom memories that will bring joy to the heart, tears to the eyes, and forge connections with figments of our imagination so powerful that we will speak of them in the years to come.

~ Dave

Campaign Setting

The current year is 1479 (Year of the Ageless One), and New Neverwinter has been re-settled for nearly 20 years. Progress is extremely slow as the fiery anger that Mount Hotenow rained down over the surrounding countryside decimated the nearby woodlands and completely dried the river that served as egress and port to the sea. The now landlocked town depends on what supplies it can acquire from its nearest civil neighbor 70 leagues to the south: Waterdeep.

In addition to the changed geography, settlers have suffered losses from the surrounding wild lands. From all manner of wild natural and unnatural predators to the sourceless and irrational mobs of undead that filter in, New Neverwinter continues to struggle to rebuild itself to its former glory. The call has gone out from the would-be City of Skilled Hands for adventurers, but with negotiations taking place with limited source of coin, the answer has been weak.
How will your might and will aid New Neverwinter? What destiny will your actions entwine you into with the star-crossed town? Only courage and skill will reveal the answer…

The Rime Hinterlands